Six DRC athletes travelled down to Castle Coombe, braving the windy circuit to complete the 10K event.

Steve Barnes completed the Seville Marathon on Sunday the 19th of February in five hours and eighteen minutes

18th February 

Yet again the fastest two parkrunners were Neil Hodgson, Andover, and Tom Smith, Chipping Sodbury, having both sampled the slog of a wet Wotton parkrun, they returned to some fast tracks to record a course best for Neil and close to one for Tom, both into 70% age grade times as was Richard Pitts who looked to be cruising around Kingsway.

The final race in the Gloucester AAA cross country series took place at Pittville Park Cheltenham on Saturday the 18th. Any illusions that it would be a “walk in the park” would be quickly discounted by the athletes, as the course is a testing one with plenty of changes of direction, fast flat sections and lot of undulation, the bonus was that conditions were frim underfoot. The organisers had also kindly moved the finish to ensure the runners had to crest the longest uphill section before opening up their finishing sprint. 

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